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5 Mistakes That Stop You From Getting Travel Insurance 

Travel Insurance

Many people in Singapore do take up travel insurance whenever they are traveling out so that they can claim for any issue that they may face. When you are out, you can engage in several activities so that you can make your traveling to be full of fun. As seen in Singapore, many people do go swimming with the sharks or skydiving after they have bought travel insurance. It is good that you do not hurry to use the insurance in the way you want. You have to remember that you will pay for any carelessness that you engage yourself in.

If you try to study your travel insurance policy keenly, you will be able to realize that it highlights so many things that you can do that can make you be denied any claims. Some of the five mistakes that can destroy your chances of making a travel insurance claim in Singapore are:

1. Taking part in a competition tournament

Some people normally like to participate in various physical games that they ended up getting injured in the process. For instance, the injury compensation you get while participating in a football match may not be the same as jumping into the ocean. If you get injured during the game, you can get your travel insurance claim that deals with the medical expenses being rejected.

It is good that you read your travel insurance policy to know if the cover does not cover when you participate in a tournament or competition. When you are out, and you are participating in a sporting event, you should be cautious enough as any event that provides the opportunity to win a prize can be considered as competition.

This means that if let say you have gone to a club in Singapore and you decide to participate in a boxing competition. In the process, your opponent punches you and you get injured you will not be covered by the policy.

2. Participating in risky activities

So many tourists in Singapore usually like to flee the country so that they can escape the boredom, especially during the holidays. They try to believe that there are a lot of fun activities that they can do oversees such as bungee jumping and skydiving which will make them happy.

Before you sign up for any race, you should remember that some risk activities lead may to losses or serious injuries that the travel insurance policy will not cover. Some of these activities include rock climbing, skydiving, racing any vehicle, flying planes. These activities have been seen to have a lot of fun, but you may get a very serious injury or even death. This is why many insurance companies in Singapore will not guarantee any medical cover up or compensation for any loss. If you do participate in them, you should be aware that if you face any issue it is you who will be responsible.

3. Consuming drugs or alcohol

In every day many tourists in Singapore are seen in Bangkok and Phuket airports just heading to some duty-free shops so that they can buy a bottle of Martell. When you read the policy, you will find that if you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol you will not be able to make any claim for anything that may happen to you during that time.

This means that if you get run over by a motorcycle after you have spent a night during alcohol at a disco can be a worse situation that you can imagine. You should be aware that travel insurance covers many things apart from medical expenses For instance if you injure someone after you have drunk, break the law or lose your passport you will lose the opportunity of making some claims.

In some cases you can even be barred from traveling again since you will be seen as someone who can harm other citizens.

4. Pre-existing medical conditions

One that many people in Singapore has been seen to be concerned about especially when they buy travel insurance is that they ensure that their medical expenses are covered while they oversee. It is good to note that many basic travel insurance policies cannot cover any pre-existing medical conditions.

If you broke your legs or your hand three years ago and you break it while you are overseeing you may not be able to claim for any medical expenses that you may incur. Another is when you have a medical condition such as anemia or diabetes, you may consider in upgrading your travel insurance that it covers pre-existing medical conditions so that in case something happens to you make a claim.

The travel insurance has in many cases entitled not to cover such cases since the insurance company may not know the extent of your condition. This is to prevent any person who may wish to take advantage of his/her condition and get medical attention while he/she is traveling.

5. Not making a police report early enough

The travel insurance policy can cover some incidents such as when you lose your passport or laptop. Many insurance companies do require that you contact the insurance authorities within 24 hours after you have lost your property or you can make a police report. This is to prevent many people from making claims after they forget their stuff or passport on the train or try to get some fake compensation for that which they have to hide and they want to make a claim.

Sometimes you may face a challenge especially if you are in a remote area; you lose your passport or property on a weekend or public holiday when the embassy is closed.

In summary

Travel insurance is a useful document that can assist you to get compensated when you get a problem while you are traveling. As seen above you should be careful on how you conduct yourself in any place that you travel, that is the insurance has limitations so that you are responsible.