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Top 10 Fashionable Blouses for You to Look Trendy

Fashionable Blouses

Singaporean woman chooses trendy blouses for casual wear as well as for formal wear. You can pair these stylish blouses with various bottoms and footwears. You can even easily complete its look by pairing it with a classic blue jean for a casual modern look. Goes well also with your chosen skirt like a pencil skirt for a formal attire and go rugged with a ripped mini skirt.

These trendy blouses are also perfect for the weather. You have wide array of light-weight blouses that can go for the hot weather. It can also be worn during cold months just by adding some layer like a jacket or some cardigans. A blouse can simply be worn all-year round. So, here are our top 10 trendy blouses for every fashion-forward Singaporean woman.

2020 Trendy Blouses for Singaporean Women

  1. Long Sleeve Blouse

Among the most versatile blouses you can have is a long sleeve blouse. It can be best as a formal ensemble or for a casual wear. There are lots of colours to choose from which is suitable also as a workwear. A classic simple white long sleeve blouse can go with anything. You can pair it tapered pants and suede for a classy casual look.  If you want to be a cool chic you tucked it into a mini skirt or denim skirt. For a formal get up, you can pair it with a pencil skirt. It is simply stylish, you can where it anytime and on any occasion.

  1. Off the Shoulder Blouse

An off the shoulder blouse will never go out of style especially for the summer season. It is breezy and comfortable to wear. You can also pair it with any bottoms which makes it a versatile piece. Wear it with high waisted jeans and you are ready for a date night. You can also stay comfy all day while wearing it at home with a pair of comfy denim shorts. You can even rock it with a pair of skinny jeans. If you want to show off some skin or your beautiful shoulders, this is a great piece that can create a statement.

  1. Puff Sleeve Blouse

If you want a top sleeve that will stand-out and gives volume to your outfit – a puff sleeve blouse is ideal. A puff sleeve blouse has an influence from the 80s. If you want a combination of classic and modern style, you will need a puff sleeve blouse on your wardrobe. It creates a chic statement even just with a pair of jeans, complete your look with sunglasses and canvas shoes – you are ready to walk under the smiling sun.

  1. Floral Print Flowy Blouse

When you want to create a refreshing style, a floral print flowy blouse is a good option. It creates a light and calming feeling – like you are in a garden. The floral prints are also pleasing to the eyes that creates a sweet chic look. It goes well with any bottoms from jeans, skirt, denim shorts. When you wanted to celebrate the spring season, this type of blouse is essential. But you can wear it all-year-round, you can also opt for a cropped blouse, perfect to complete your summer look. You can also add some layer like a cardigan.

  1. Ruffled Blouse

The flowy ruffled blouses are becoming on trend because of its super feminine appeal.  It is simply super girlish. The ruffles are frilly and flowy which gives a stunning volume for your outfit. A great piece to wear when you wanted to stand out from the crowd. Aside from its feminine appeal, just like other tops, it is also versatile. You can wear it gorgeously at work, vacation, date nights, or watching concerts or parties. You can wear it also with various bottoms like pair it with ultimate classic jeans.

  1. Printed Cotton Blouse

A printed cotton blouse is another great option for those who wanted to stay fashionable and comfortable. Stay fresh all day with its cotton material. This is available in varying prints which makes it so much fun to wear. You can choose from different prints like a nature-themed one. You can also play around with its checked and stripes patterns.  It goes wells with various jeans, trousers and skirts. If you are adventurous with your blouses you can experiments with its bold colours.

  1. Sleeveless Blouse

One of the ultimate go-to-wear, especially for the summer season   – a sleeveless blouse.  It is not just a classic staple but always on the trend since it is a great match with the season.  If you want to achieve a dreamy beach outfit, you can pair it with floral shorts. For a chic and youthful look, you can opt for a chiffon sleeveless blouse and a chiffon mini skater skirt. Also, tucked it into a pair of ripped jeans and you are ready to rock the streets.

  1. Peplum Blouses

When you want something cool and classy – go for a peplum blouse. It is best to pair with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt with high heels for a classy office wear. You can wear it with a Palazzos for a casual and trendy look for the summer. It looks elegant also when you wear it with a maxi or long skirt, just add some belt to make it more charming.

  1. Button Down Blouse

Button Down Blouse is always stylish.  It is among the versatile blouse you can have on your wardrobe. Another classic staple for every woman and among the ideal blouses if you are into minimalist fashion. You can tuck it into a single coloured trouser and look stylish.

  1. Embroidered Cotton Blouse

When you are looking for an awesome combination of classics and the modern style – you can have an embroidered cotton blouse. The embroidery gives a fascinating texture and a personalised design to the blouse. You can play it around with various bottoms. You can simply feature its enticing appeal just by pairing it with a pair of jeans.